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The focus of these resources is on career women and some of the links are to programs or opportunities created exclusively for women. These resources are reviewed and updated by a moderator on a regular basis and we welcome your Resource Recommendations for consideration.

Mentorship Minutes

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Education: Ivy League Schools 
Description: Buying into an education offered by well-known colleges and universities can increase your visibility.
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Education: Online Training 
Description: Education is everywhere, try online training to enhance your skill set.
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Environment: Carpooling 
Description: Find out how to start carpooling and relieve the stress of driving.
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Environment: Public Transportation 
Description: Take some stress out of your life and learn why public transportation is so popular.
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Environment: Traveling for Work 
Description: Though it might sound glamorous, traveling for work is usually not the free trip to paradise you envision.
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Experience: Working with Temporary Agencies 
Description: Learn the pros and cons of working with a temporary agency.
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Image: The Personality Mirror 
Description: Some of the things you don't like in others, may be a reflection of what you don't like in yourself.
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Influence: Personal Preparation 
Description: Preparation is the secret to successfully representing yourself.
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Leadership: The Vault 
Description: Find out why it's important to keep confidential information, confidential.
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Personal: Being a Smoker 
Description: Smoking is not "cool" anymore and may even cost you a job. Learn how your personal choices can directly affect your career.
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